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(no subject) [Sep. 23rd, 2007|10:33 am]
Online Orgies!


Am I enough sexy for you?
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(no subject) [Sep. 22nd, 2007|07:29 am]
Online Orgies!


One of my friends Tracey wanted to get married as soon as we got out of high school. I’ll never understand why people do that so young, but that’s another story. I’ve known Tracey for quite some time (her and her fiancé have had quite a few fun experiences with us). So when it was time to go to a bridal shower with just us girls in our little circle at Tracey’s apartment, I was all for it.

The bridal shower was a lingerie party. All the girls had to dress up in sexy lingerie fit for a bride or honeymoon night, and bring naughty gifts to the bride. She was going to have other more conservative showers, so this one was perfect for us girls. When we got there, we all took turns going into the bathroom or the bedroom and changing into our sexy lingerie. Christy my best friend wore a mismatched bra and panty set. The bride to be Tracey wore all white bra, panties and thigh highs and looked hot with her long honey blonde hair. Cyndall (who is a tiny blonde) wore an electric blue bra and panty set. I came out wearing a white bridal lingerie set which included a corset, bikini panties a garter belt with nylons and a veil. Everyone commented on my outfit and said I would make a hot bride one day. The other guests changed and there were all of us almost naked looking so sexy. Just looking around the room got me hot, there were so many other girls here looking ready to seduce everyone else… and no boys at all.

After a lot of people left for the night, 8 of us got more comfortable…

We gave her the gifts we brought which included sex games, toys, more lingerie, etc. Then started to play a naughty round of truth or dare. When Christy asked Tracey a “truth question” it was who she would like to have sex with one last time before she got married. Tracey answered that one last orgy with everyone in the room would be nice before she committed herself to one man forever. That was all the invitation we needed. Christy walked over and kissed Julie, and could feel I Cyndall’s hands wrapping themselves around behind me. Christy was already caressing Julie. It looked like some kind of lesbian porno was about to start.

I’m a small girl, (4’9 and about 95 pounds) and Cyndall is my size or smaller. I like having sex with Cyndall because it is like having sex with a blonde version of myself. When she kisses me it’s like a porn star kiss and I can feel her hot toungue darting in and out my mouth like a snake. I know I’m in for a dirty time. I can see Tracey and Christy at the corner of my eye as another guest joins them to help Christy take Tracey’s bra and panties off. Cyndall looks so hot in her lingerie, I tell her so. She tells me I look like a slutty bride and if I got married she would still fuck me in front of my husband. She helps me out of my lingerie, I keep my garter belt and stockings on. Once I was properly undressed, she took no time going down on me and licking my pussy. I maneuvered my way to a sixty nine so I could taste her as well. I like to eat pussy, but I don’t get as much of a chance in my town as I get to get dick.

Cyndall eventually got a double ended dildo from the gift table. It was a monster. She took some lube and lubed both ends and situated herself on the floor tried really hard to fit it in her small pussy. Then she motioned for me to take the other.. She motioned for me to join her. I watched her hungrily as she put one end inside her, her small frame wiggled hard to fit it in her small pussy and I tried to do the same on the other end. I loved this. It was filling me up and I really did have to wiggle it in to get it in there. Once we were both locked into this monster dildo, we could look each other and the eye and smile at the fact we were both being fucked at the same time. She begin to rock against it, and so could I, it was awkward at first, but when we got the right tempo, we looked like fucking porn stars humping this monster double dildo.

We all took turns doing everything to each other. Tracey was the main focus of attention obviously. Everyone in the room spent some one on one time with her. Although it wasn’t bad for all the other girls too. After we opened up the gifts, specifically the toys, their were enough dildos and gadgets for us to use on each other, I got plenty licked and fucked by these girls.

As for Tracey, well she said she would commit to one man, but I know she was kinky enough to have many more adventures with and without her husband, through the summer I would be proved right. 


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HORNY [Sep. 9th, 2007|04:27 pm]
Online Orgies!

im hot wet n horny right now i really could use some.......add me to msn ur.ultimate.fantasy@hotmail.com

you wiont be dissapointed - OVER 18 ONLY


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new [Aug. 9th, 2007|10:46 pm]
Online Orgies!

[mood |hornyhorny]

hey all!!


looking for some dirty talk with the ladies!!
As I am writting this, I am plearsuring myself.

Natural blonde, but hair is brown ATM, blue eyes, slender, 5'7, yes... big boobs, although I hate them!! I'm very femme... and that's the way I like it.

I'm wanting to have a cyber relationship if not a real one... I've very open...
Sorry, such a basic first post, I'm in the middle of something!

email me ladies!
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i love sex [Jul. 23rd, 2007|08:28 pm]
Online Orgies!

[mood |hornyhorny]

email me
or add me on myspace Myspace.com/KishTra
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Sexual, open & trustworthy guy ISO women cam2cam (please read) [Jan. 10th, 2007|09:43 pm]
Online Orgies!
Sexual, open & trustworthy guy ISO women cam2cam (please read)

Please take this seriously, as I am seriously looking, and not your "average guy" by any means.

I'm a good looking, intelligent very sexual and sexually open male, 32, white, thin but muscular, tattoos, shaved smooth everywhere.

Looking for cam2cam with trustworthy women who are extremely sexual and sexually open.

I'm extremely masculine, but versatile and very in touch with the feminine, both sexually as well as just females in general.

In an open marriage and need the release, expression and connection with other women sexually and even as friends.

Please email directly, because I don't have AIM installed on this PC yet... waiting to see if anyone actually contacts me: xhotxlustx(at)h o t m a i l(dot)com.

This is NOT a scam, I am who I say I am and I'm seriously looking for some online partners to have fun with on a regular basis.

VERY trustworthy and respectful.
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(no subject) [Dec. 21st, 2006|12:04 am]
Online Orgies!

Looking to phone with GIRLS ONLY!!! I wouldn't mind cybering either, but I would really like to phone. IM me if you're interested:

aim and yahoo: displaycase88
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(no subject) [Oct. 17th, 2006|10:03 am]
Online Orgies!


Read more...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Oct. 5th, 2006|06:24 pm]
Online Orgies!

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(no subject) [Oct. 3rd, 2006|05:35 pm]
Online Orgies!


...what i draw when no one's looking (click to engorge)...
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