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Mmm  hey, just recently updated my LJ with a new erotic story. If any of you girls (18+) enjoy reading about sex written in vivid detail, just check out my LJ. Or AIM/YAHOO me @ seanfwa12 or email me at seanfwa12@hotmail.com. I absolutely love telling a horny, cock hungry chick how to pleasure herself in extreme detail.  I also took new pics recently, so maybe I'll show you whats behind the boxer brief bulge.
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Couple looking for a girl for internet fun

We're a couple looking for a bisexual girl to spice up our (cyber) sex life. We'd love an ongoing partner for chatting, pic swapping and maybe even web-cam fun. you can check out our profile to get a taste of what we're into (http://blacksunflowers.livejournal.com/profile).


We're looking for fun girls 21+, into both guys and girls, with decent spelling and grammar for some spicy threesome cyber sex. if you're interested comment here, send an email to 2blacksunflowers(at)gmail(dot)com or send us a LJ message. And don't forget to tell us a little about what you might be interested in ;) Our icon is a result of some previous fun we had.


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I will not be posting under my real name. This is my journal to really express myself in ways that I'm not comfortable letting some people know.

Don't ask my real name. Don't ask for any information that may lead who I am. If I feel comfortable talking to you I'll let you know more.

All you need to know will come in time.

There will be posts here, some about politics, some about religion, some about sex. If you can't handel any of those subjects in an adult manner then dont bother.

AIM : Alltehyoungpunks
MSN: wrong-em_boyo
Yahoo: Wrong_em_boyo
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Hello boys.. and girls. I'm a horny bi girl- just turned 20 years old, perky bigger b sized tits, a thinner body and am up for ANYTHING! I'm trying to get enough money for a webcam...help me out and I'll give you a free show once I do get it. No subject is taboo- I will try anything to get you off

Really horny this morning

 I'm lying in bed horny as all heck this morning. I've already cum twice and it still hasn't taken the edge off. Anyone around who would like to share pics? I'd be happy to myself :)
cyber2070 on yahoo if anyone is interested.

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Im lying on the couch in my bra and thong, feeling fuckin horny. My thong is wet throughout and i can feel my rockhard nipples even through the padding. I unhook my bra so i can fondle and play with my tits and tease my clit around the sides till i can't take it anymore and reach for the dildo in the drawer. I ram it hard into my bare pussy and moan is delight. My thong has now joined my bra on the floor and i lie naked on the couch, pleasuring myself with the dildo and my hand rubbing my swollen clit harder and harder.

Pleasure me more, add me on MSN. uncreativename.mc@hotmail.com
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