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Couple looking for a girl for internet fun [Sep. 13th, 2008|09:26 pm]
Online Orgies!



We're a couple looking for a bisexual girl to spice up our (cyber) sex life. We'd love an ongoing partner for chatting, pic swapping and maybe even web-cam fun. you can check out our profile to get a taste of what we're into (http://blacksunflowers.livejournal.com/profile).


We're looking for fun girls 21+, into both guys and girls, with decent spelling and grammar for some spicy threesome cyber sex. if you're interested comment here, send an email to 2blacksunflowers(at)gmail(dot)com or send us a LJ message. And don't forget to tell us a little about what you might be interested in ;) Our icon is a result of some previous fun we had.